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Welcome to our Baseball Website, designed to provide the tools necessary to help ball players and coaches of any level and any age improve all skills, fundamentals and techniques required for success.  Our pages will be filled with all the information - drills, strategy, tips, and more...WAY WAY more - that you need to improve as a ballplayer, whatever level of player you may currently be.   If you are an average ball player, you can progress to good before becoming great.  Good players can become great and great players can be superstars!

Are you a Coach???

As a coach, this detailed, informational website will help you become a better one.  It will provide the in-depth instruction and advice that you will clearly be able to use to instill confidence in your team and ensure your players are fundamentally sound and disciplined.  There will be advice on running practices, doing drills and dealing with (sometimes overly aggressive) parents, to name a few, and there will also be some sections on mental preparation and what you can do to ensure your players are prepared to go in any situation. Of course, there will be an active feedback link and the added benefit that allows you, as a coach, to communicate with me and other coaches in order to pass advice and let us know what you are doing to ensure success.   It's a small world, and the global baseball family is not that large, so we need to ensure we take care of each other and look out for each other's well being!

Baseball Drills, Tips, Techniques and Training

The navigation bars are your keys, and the initial path, to successfully improving as a ballplayer.  Here you will find specific drills designed to help you improve at any position, or within any aspect of the game.  Hitting, pitching, fielding, catcher, baserunning and even the mental game are all covered.  You will also find tips and techniques that you can use to either tweak your current habits for improvement, or fully revamp your current methods.  Let's face it, as we progress and move into higher levels of baseball, including high school and college, we have already received hundreds, if not thousands of hours of instruction, training and practice.  The players at these somewhat advanced levels are fairly fundamentally sound and understand the game to the point where they may just need to make an adjustment or two to help them improve.  However, for youth and little league players, and the younger generation, the tips, drills, techniques and instruction found within this site can be game changing!  Starting to do things fundamentally correct at a very young age will pay enormous dividends as these younger players reach school ball ages!

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions!!!

There is no doubt that we are all looking to improve in some aspect of the game, and while there is no magic bullet to allow anyone to become an all star, or major leaguer overnight, there are plenty of products and training aids designed to get the ball player on that path to success.  A big part of this website will be to provide you with baseball product, equipment, and training aid reviews and allow you to make a decision on which of these may actually be beneficial or which are more hype than help.  Of note, I have personally used every product that I review on this site with my teams or with individual players, but if there is something out there that I haven't reviewed and anyone is thinking about it, I will be more than happy to test it and give an unbiased opinion!

Baseball is a difficult game.  Many have said the hardest thing to do is square up a round ball with a round bat, especially when that ball is fired at you from 60 and a half feet away and coming towards you at 90 miles an hour.  But baseball is also the great American pasttime, and as a game, is designed to be FUN!  So enjoy this site, learn from it, become a better player, and most importantly, HAVE FUN doing so!

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